ArtistaDonna Nata

ArtistaDonna Nata

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I just joined this wonderful website:

How long have you been creating?
I have been creating artwork since highschool. Over the past ten years I have jumped from medium to medium and have illustrated in hundreds of artwork styles but never felt like I have mastered any of them until my Tree Series. I believe nothing in life is perfect and there is alot yet to learn and the only way to learn is to live.

What inspires your work?
All the little things we take for granted inspires me.  A little over a year ago I received a random email from a writer asking me to illustrate trees for her upcoming book. Her story is based around a tree that has lived over 500 years and continues to thrive today. I did a little research and was totally blown away with the story. Although the book deal has not been finalized, I have continued to expand the tree depictions for my Tree Series. The tree Series takes on a human form. I often ask my viewers what they would think a tree would say if it could speak? What has it witnessed over the years?  Music also has a huge impact on how I feel and those feelings reflect in my work. 

What do you want to achieve in the future?
I  aspire to have my writings and artwork published as children's books. It brings me joy to know that my story and artwork travels the world, whether it travels on the internet, hangs on a wall, or is captured in a book.

Why did you join Artybuzz?

 Upon receiving an email invitation to join, I checked out the website and was immediately impressed.
 I enjoy interacting with other artists and viewing their creations. Artybuzz is easy to navigate and upload artwork.

This is a great way to connect with other artists worldwide. is a vivid and enjoyable online art community where anyone can join. You can upload your artwork with ease. You can buy and sell your artwork and earn money.

Buy and View Great Artwork as Prints, Canvases, T Shirts and more.....

It's free to join!

I entered the Competition - Art and Photography Contest

Please stop by and vote for the Wind Whisperer and the Darkness Into Light 

check it's free to join
I was looking through the members and I recognize some of them from other art websites :-)

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