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ArtistaDonna Nata

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Angry Thunderstorm (Paperback, 2009)

I had the pleasure of meeting Carol Henson Keesee on

1. The Angry Thunderstorm (Paperback, 2009)
Author: Carol Henson Keesee
Illustrator: Rachel Henson

The Angry Thunderstorm

Book Description
The Angry Thunderstorm rolls into a child's world in the middle of the night awakening her with a fright. Witnessing his booming display, the child trembles with fear. The Angry Thunderstorm acknowledges that he sounds ill-tempered because it takes such a powerful display to do his job. The wind. The thunder. The flashes of light. All of these seem scary. His intent is often misunderstood and his presence is seldom welcomed. But as he explains the reason behind his gruff display, the child is reassured that he does these things for a very good reason.

About Carol

Carol Keesee was born and raised in Austin, Texas. A native Austinite, Keesee loves the energetic and creative pulse of the city whose culture has shaped her character - and the characters she brings to life in her stories. Keesee is married with two children.

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Hey..thanks for following my blog :) I love the fact that you're in the process of getting a children's book published, that amazing, congrats! :)