ArtistaDonna Nata

ArtistaDonna Nata

Monday, June 1, 2009

Reinterpreting Childrens's Art in Pen & Ink

Reinterpreting Childrens's Art in Pen & Ink

Title: Wild Animals
Medium: Pen & Ink

Children’s art is a fixture on refrigerators, Mother’s Day & Father's Day cards. The subject matter is wide and vast – from fantasy to the family pets to butterflies, flowers, ect.... It is these works of art that are the inspiration for my artwork. I take a piece of art created by your child, niece, nephew, grandchildren, ect.... and reinterpret it in my style.

Upon payment please email the piece of child’s art that will be used as my reference. Please tell me also who the child is, and their relationship to you. For example - your son or daughter, a friend or even something you did as a child.

This would make a great UNIQUE GIFT!

You can buy a child a gift that is bought from the store, but it won't have the sentimental value as a child's drawing.

A child's drawing is PRICELESS!

The photos pictured are for reference only (to show you the quality of my artwork with fine detail) This artwork was designed for my 3 year old daughter. She amazed me with rapid brush strokes that look like a horse, dog and bird.

I framed my daughter's painting side by side with my interpretation. She will have this memory to pass on to her children and grandchildren.

You can do the same, frame the drawings side by side or use your own imagination to frame and pass onto other generations.

The paper will be entirely covered with pen & ink. It will take me approximately one week to complete.

When I receive the child's art, I will email you a pencil sketch with a general idea of what my version will look like. It is at this time that you may suggest anything to change or add.

Once the drawing is complete the sale is final.

No returns or exchanges.

I guarantee 100% satisfaction.

This auction has free shipping


Signed and dated on back

A certificate of authenticity will be included.

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